Carnival/String Lights
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Carnival/String lights are available in 50 & 100 foot lengths. Standard socket spacing is 36"; 24" & 12" spacing is available,

Sockets are medium base and A19. Size 25 watt clear or color bulbs are typical.

Traditional Xmas lights are C9 size; strands are 25' long with 12" bulb spacing. C7 sized strands are also 25' long with bulbs every 12".

Standard/Medium Base

Standard/Medium Base
7 Watt clear
11 Watt transparent colors

Standard/Medium Base A19
25, 40, 60 Watt Clear
25 Watt all colors
Transparent and opaque

Curtain String Lights
QTY 12
20 feet long strand
8 ft tall strings
24 strings per strand
clear only bulbs

Red & Blue or Red & Black
Call for qty

Standard/Medium Base
7 Watt clear
7 Watt colors transparent
and opaque

Intermediate base
7 Watt clear
All colors

Call for qty
Width - 100ft
Carnival lights/string lamps
100ft cord w/33 lights
(every 36 in)

Kona Head Lights
10 lights/string
24" Spacing
Qty - 8

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